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Sustainable Building

Posted by: Linda | January 27, 2007, 5:29 pm

Last week I applied for a volunteer position. Yes, that’s right, sometimes I have to apply to do volunteer work. It was a phone interview with the standard questions and they ‘hired’ me! I’m going to do research for the Lighthouse centre for sustainable building. I’ve never been involved with sustainable building before, but I like to do some research. And it’s a different crowd, different atmosphere, now that I have the change to do all these different things I gladly make use of it.


Last Friday we had an orientation with a group of new volunteers. It seems I’m not the only foreigner, it’s funny, I keep thinking my situation is pretty unique, but it isn’t. The centre is located on Granville Island, but it isn’t an island anymore, it has been asphalted to the mainland. It still is a nice spot in the city, by the water. Lots of creativity bundled together: art galleries, theatres and an indoor market.


It is very nice to go there and now I ‘have’ to be there every week.

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