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Posted by: Linda | October 29, 2010, 11:01 am

October 31st is Halloween, a big deal here in North America. Now that I have a child of my own it’s about time to get into this holiday, it’s a fun tradition for kids I think. Last weekend we went to a Pumpkin Patch. Lots of farm animals to see and pet and we picked out our own pumpkin, very fun!

Let’s have a look at the animals.

What else is here to see?

Alex thought the tractors on the farm were way cooler than the animals, oh dear, it’s a boy already!

Mike with our very own pumpkin!

After carving the pumpkin and getting lots of candy we are almost ready for Halloween, although some people don’t seem to think so. The last couple of weeks I’m having this conversation with different people:

– What’s Alex going to be for Halloween?

– me: uuuhhhh, he’s not even a year old, he can’t walk yet, he can’t have candy yet, why would I dress him up?

– Because it’s fun and they have a lot of cute costumes for babies!

– me: I think those costumes are very sad and not cute (see next picture)

– But you have to dress him up and go trick or treating!

– me: But he can’t have the candy.

– You can eat the candy!

– me: isn’t that embarrassing?  Everybody will know that I’m going to eat the candy!

– Who cares?

– me: Besides, he won’t remember anyway.

– There will be pictures, and if there aren’t any he’ll ask questions later and you’ll have to explain that you didn’t celebrate his first halloween properly.

– me: sigh

I don’t find this cute, but very sad (as well as the photography by Anne Geddes).

Apparently I’m the only one in Canada with this opinion so I’ll let you know what we’re doing. I am looking forward to getting all the kids at our door. In our old apartment we had nobody, but now we are in a kid-friendly neighbourhood so it could get busy.

Some people decorate their house with spiders, ghosts, skeletons etc. Just like Christmas some people take this very seriously.

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