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Soccer Club

Posted by: Linda | April 4, 2006, 3:11 pm

After being a star on stage on saturday -it was a big success- followed a sunday with a performance in the cantine of the Kudelstaart soccer club RK.DES. My cousin Anita is head of the bar and has gotten the rest of the family so far to help her out, and we do it with pleasure!!!

Annette, Truud, Tineke and Anita

My sister Truud and I run the kitchen together with Annette and Thomas. Truud and I are above the frying pans and fry snacks for the hungry soccerplayers.

Truud with fries

Fries with peanut sause and mayonaise, called ‘war’. Fries with mayonaise and ketchup, called ‘flip’, you name it. The other snacks: frikadells, croquets, hamburgers and meatballs are very popular.


Fortunately it wasn’t very busy so we had time to see Thomas score a beautiful goal, he was playing very good today. Now and then we could watch the national league play on a big screen, Ajax is our favorite team. The game ended in a tie so not a very big success. It was very nice to hang out with each other like this, we had the change to catch up on everything. The men got louder, the rounds of beer quicker, the jokes got worse. 5 pm is closing time and we can clean up.

Truud and Tineke

When everything is shining again we have a drink for the road and go back home -tired but satisfied- and we can put our feet up. In 6 weeks we go again, Jipppiae!

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