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A week in the Netherlands

Posted by: Linda | October 2, 2008, 3:15 pm

It was very nice to be in the Netherlands again, it has been a year. A week is too short, but I have a real job now which means I can’t entirely do as I please! This trip was all about the marriage of Lisette and Ronen.

After arrival at the airport and a quick cup of coffee with Mama, Anita, Rob and Linda, I took the train to The Hague. Lisette’s stagette was in full swing and I could hook up with them during lunch.

Ra ra who’s the bride?

After lunch we went to ‘Van Kleef’ a distillery since 1842 where we tasted drinks like “Bride’s Tears”.

After, we had a good evening at Carolien’s house where Claire and Carolien arranged good food, champagne and silly games. I had a good time meeting other friends of Lisette and we all got along really well.

I had to visit some new houses, a lot of people moved the past year! Mama, Anita, Claire vd W, Claire T. I also visited my Grandmother, Rob and Linda, Aunt Truud, Gabry and the theatre company.

Wednesday was the big day: Lisette and Ronen got married! It was nice and romantic, I had to dig out the tissue several times (yes, I can be a sentimental softy sometimes).

The kiss

They’re married!

The Car

The Cake

The party is over

A very good party and a very good trip to Holland!

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