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Posted by: Linda | June 2, 2010, 10:33 pm

Every night I’m amazed that Alex goes to sleep without much trouble. He gets tired around 8:30pm, I put on his sleeping bag, I read him a story and I put him in his crib. He seems very awake, but I give him a kiss, wish him goodnight and leave the room. Sometimes I hear a little cry, but mostly it’s just a deep sigh and nothing. Last night he slept from 8:30pm until 7am, after something to eat he slept again until 10am. And I sleep in as well, I’ve never been so well rested! I have to knock on wood because it could change any day.

Alex is a morning person like me when we’re up. I put him on his play mat with a lot of toys and he can play for hours. I can have breakfast, make coffee and check email. After two hours he gets tired again and he’s ready for a nap. He’s not a good napper, he rubs his eyes and yawns, but in bed he cries. Sometimes he falls asleep after 5 minuten, sometimes not. Sometimes he sleeps for 5 minutes, sometimes an hour. We try to get out in the afternoon with the stroller or baby carrier. He is looking around with interest now and seems to like trees a lot. He likes the mall as well, the bright lights and lots of colours in the stores. I meet with a ‘mommy & baby’ group once in awhile and usually we go for a walk. Some kids can only go for an hour, but Alex is fine with everything as long as he gets food on time.

The only thing he doesn’t like is the car. He sits in a rear-facing car seat so he can’t see me. When we have to stop a lot for traffic lights he will protest. We found a solution: singing! He loves it when I sing to him and he shuts up immediately. I have some Dutch and some English songs on my repertoire. Once a week we go to an elementary school that organizes an hour of songs and rhymes for kids 0-3 years. I can sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ in both languages now.

When I’m making dinner he can sit in his Bimbo seat, this is for babies that can’t sit up yet. During dinner he sits close by and is very interested in mommy eating. He only gets breastmilk, in a few weeks we’ll start with solid food. He comes with us to restaurants as well and sits on our lap. Mike and I take turns so we both can eat. Alex is fine with it and if he gets tired he’ll just fall asleep.

Conclusion: I have a wonderful kid! I know, I’m bias, but I can’t complain. I am more than just a mother so I have to get out without the baby as well. I dance Flamenco and love it, it’s difficult and different so very challenging. I have started to volunteer again at the Wildlife Rescue as well. I transport injured animals and once a week I work 4 hours at the care centre. I love it and and I get to talk to my coworkers again.

Mike is away a lot at the moment, he plays bass in the musical Godspell. He always wanted to do theatre and got the opportunity now. Besides the religious theme he loves doing it. He’s doing 6 shows a week for 5 weeks. I feel like a single mom!

I just voted for the Dutch parlement elections. My vote doesn’t go to the PVV!

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  1. Nasra Says:

    I agree 🙂 You do have a wonderful baby! It was great seeing you today Linda. I really like reading your blog! You and your partner seem to really fit into the whole west coast Canadian lifestyle (something I really admire and aspire to)! I completely forgot to ask you about your flamenco dancing today. That looks like so much fun! Hope to see you and Alex again soon 🙂

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