Linda's Canadian Adventure

Posted by: Linda | August 31, 2010, 9:44 am

Looking back at our trip to Holland, we had a great time!

Barbeque at Richard & Wendy:

Wendy in the kitchen

Richard outside

Alex is being entertained by Janneke

Everybody is enjoying the day

Alex and Danielle, is this chemistry?

Mike on baby-duty

Elton took us to the flower auction in Aalsmeer where he works

Mike and Elton

The amount of flowers passing through is unbelievable

Chatting with my old ballet friends:

Linda, Esther, Marleen and Patricia (we are all mothers now!!!)

A day with Opa Rob first to the Canadian cemetary in Holten:

It’s always impressive when you read the personal wordt on the stones.

It was special to Mike to see all the Canadian names, perhaps a distant relative?

We had time for a castle too:

Linda, Rob and Alex

Alex loved all the water fountains in Rob and Linda’s garden:

Alex went in the swing, Mike and I went on a bike ride:

The beach at Zandvoort

The fish cart drives on the beach

Back in the garden: Rob with Jana, Mike with Alex

Mike on a bridge in Hoofddorp

All the kids together

Alex is making friends with Jimi

A visit of Claire and WingF:

How do you hold a baby?

Linda, Claire, Alex and WingF

Ajax – Chelsea (Soccer) at the Arena:

A music festival in Den Haag (The Hague):

Alex loves his punk bands, but always uses hearing protection

Claire, Alex and Linda

Family Barbeque at Anita & Lex

Alex with Sadie and Elton

Everybody around the table

With Oma

Good food at De Radijs, just opened Amsterdam:

Good food with wine of beer

A day in Amsterdam with Claire and Christiaan

Claire’s broken knee ‘came in handy’, Alex could ride with her (poor Christiaan had to push themboth)

Alex has to eat as well

A day in Rotterdam with Rob:

Art in Rotterdam

A break in the park

Sleep-over at Carolien and Jacco:

We love cheese fondue!!!

Richard puts out a fire

Alex loved the ball park at Carolien

Diergaarde Blijdorp (Zoo):

Giraffe, giraffe, giraffe and giraffe

Linda, Claire and Alex

Lisette, Ronen and Danielle

With family De Veld at Landgoed De Olmenhorst:

Orvee and Rene

Gabry and Nikee

Boat ride on the poel:

We made a boat tour with the boat of Lia and Rinus. Tineke, Rob, Linda, Jan, Margriet, Rinus and Lia were there as well.

Oma and Alex

Captain Linda

Mike’s favorite palingroker (eel smoker)

Last evening:

Alex with Thomas

A big kiss from Anita

Alex was sleeping like a baby in his crib in Kudelstaart

Just awake!

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